"As an artist, I believe we have the responsibility to take chances and exercise our creative talents in all aspects of our lives. We were chosen for this lifestyle and should take every advantage in leading our direct communities towards positive change through our creative thought problem-solving process regarding current realities and issues."

Saturday, July 16, 2011


8'x5' acrylic on wood door
1...2...3... with FGIIIArt

July 2011
8'x5' acrylic on wood door created in collaboration with Dallas interior designer Angie Berry.
A 1...2...3... with FGIIIArt
I created this style after working on a hotel art project earlier this year. It's kind of a homage to my real early works when I incorporated a very tribal like look into my work... only now my intentions are more controlled through fine lines and color coordination patterns that balance across the surface of the panel. The depth in color from, raw umber to deoxidized purple to black/primairmagenta around the edges of the surface, surround the fine line patterns and drive your eyes to focus on the details.

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