"As an artist, I believe we have the responsibility to take chances and exercise our creative talents in all aspects of our lives. We were chosen for this lifestyle and should take every advantage in leading our direct communities towards positive change through our creative thought problem-solving process regarding current realities and issues."

Monday, May 17, 2010


As independent artists...we're constantly creating ways to market our art work and be seen. We build web sites, create portfolios, participate in shows and exhibitions, cross market with other artists , sign to galleries and sometimes use consultants and representatives to sell our work. Well...add another avenue to that list. http://www.macromentary.com/
Use an artists eye to peer into your world of Art, Fashion and Architecture. Spend just 5 minutes or less on each documentary...Then watch your horizons expand as you see things from a macro point of view.

Monday, May 10, 2010


Red Bull Art of Can is coming to Dallas this year 2010. We put together an Art of Can mixer a few weeks back to CREATE awareness about this event in hopes to build up excitement in the Dallas arts community. With all the excellent talent we have in this city....we were not amazed to see so many of our artists respond to this opportunity. I've posted a few of my favorites.....I can't wait to see which ones will be chosen... and to be a part of the actual event.
-Ken & Maureen Womack encaustic and mixed media
-Ross Von Rosenberg acrylic and mixed media
-Cody Phillips mixed media
For more details please visit the link below....

Sunday, May 2, 2010


When I think of Live Draw...I think of a model or models surrounded by artists sketching, drawing or painting their interpretation of who sits before them. An artist would probably equip themselves with sketch pads or books of various sizes and an array of pencils, chalks, markers, paint brushes and paints. Live...not a lot of detail...within a time limit. You basically have to be a "Bad Ass" to show up to one of these things with a spool of wire and wire snips and take first place. His name is George Fowler.