"As an artist, I believe we have the responsibility to take chances and exercise our creative talents in all aspects of our lives. We were chosen for this lifestyle and should take every advantage in leading our direct communities towards positive change through our creative thought problem-solving process regarding current realities and issues."

Monday, September 26, 2011


In 2009, the Balcombe's commissioned me to create three works for their home. This was the largest of the three. A 60"x60" acrylic on canvas. I asked the assistance of Dallas photographer, Jeremy McKane and an old friend, gallerist Bryan Embry. We didn't have much of a problem installing the first two pieces... a 24'x84" acrylic on canvas in the bedroom and a 24"x36" acrylic on canvas in the family room. But, when we began to think about installing the largest piece, the 60"x60", we quickly learned our ladder was not tall enough. Of course, we didn't want to leave and come back...etc...etc... so we improvised. I asked the client to leave and allow us time for the install and we'd have a surprise on her return. Below are the pics taken of the install of that piece... who says you can't have FUN hangin art?
The Balcombe's loved it.